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Information Resources, is an online provider of Internet services including web design, web promotion, web hosting, and e-commerce solutions with low cost merchant account.

Information Resources can provide any size business with the promotional tools that will provide your business the visibility on the web.

We have a wide range of promotional services from Complete Marketing Systems, Search Engine Services, Email Services, Classified Ads Services, Banner Ads Services, e-commerces Services, Promotional Reports & ebooks and more.

Come join us and get ahead of the next gold rush on the internet e-commerce revolution.

Reach New Customers Thru Search Engine Placement

90% of Search Engine Referral Traffic comes from Placement in the Major Search Engines. The remaining 10% comes from all the other search engines combined.

While there is no guarantee that you will get high rankings in the major search engines or even stay there once you rank in the top 30 results, your odds are better when you understand how they work and what key words to use.
(This may also require changes to your meta tags in your home page.)

Major Search Engine Placement


3,000 Plus Major Search Engine Placement

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Memberships to Complete Marketing Systems

These memberships provide you with free ezines, reports, ebooks, software, classified ads etc. You will get advise on marketing strategies and reprint/reseller rights on many of the reports and ebooks. These Memberships will give you magnet products that will not only drive traffic to your site but also add an additional income stream to your on-line business.

eMarketplaceDirect's Ultimate Marketing Solution.

Welcome to the Ultimate Edge in Advertising.


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Email Millions of Subscribers a Month Spam Free!

Send over 1 Million Emails a day with Our Opt-In List Email Systems.
This means Millions of people will receive your sales letters every month!

Spam Free Solo Ads to 15 Million Opt-In Subscribers

Email Millions with the Total Saturation Management System.

Blast Your Ad To Millions with the Ultimate Advertising Club.

Reach Millions with the Ultimate Edge in Advertising.

Email over 50 Million a Month with Generating Success.

Get Your Own Free Mailing List Builder Web Site.

One Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime!

Get Your 100 MB E-mail Box To Manage All Of Your Safe Lists

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Automated Email Tasks

Over 64% of your prospects will never (and I do mean NEVER!) buy from you the first time they are presented with your offer. On the web, it's even worse. The underlying benefit of the web is that it can deliver information really fast. "People want it and they want it now!" is its motto. But if you fail to capitalize on this intrinsic behavior, not only are you losing potential sales but you may be working ten times harder to generate just a few simple sales to keep your business afloat! Autoresponder systems will put your business on autopilot, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, literally working around the clock to increase your profits. No longer do you have to spend hours sending offers, sales letters and follow up messages to your potential customers.

Auto Responder by GetResponse.

Online Automation by Postmaster.

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Reach Millions of Potential Customers With FREE Classified Ads and Banner Exchange Programs

Send Thousands of Classified Ads a day with Our Automated Ad Systems.
This means Thousands of people will read your sales ads every day!

Free Classified Ads with Leading Edge

Save 80% on Internet Advertising Costs With Ad Tracker

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Promotional Magnets and Revenue Generators
Reports and ebooks

Bring New Visitors to your site with Magnet Products like FREE Promotional Reports, and ebooks. Generate a new source of revenue with reprint and reseller rights to Promotional Reports and ebooks. Create your own ebooks for profit.

Create Your Own ebooks with EbookGold.

Ebook Learn How To Profit On EBAY

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Misc. Promotional Services & Revenue Generators

Superb .com's For Sale

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